[Blog #1] what is design

Design? What’s that?

Design is…

“The way that something is made so that it works in a certain way or has certain appearance.” (Macmillan dictionary, 2015)

So when you think of the word design, what comes to your mind? In the mind of a designer, let’s talk design… What is design? Who can design? Why does design even exist? Design, put simply, is the process in which something has been made to have a particular function and/or form to achieve a certain purpose. Through a designer’s individuality, flair and creativity, a person’s particular style is replicated throughout their work they produce to fulfill the client’s needs and wants. One of the key essential skills for any designer to have is that of visual ideation and creativity. (Rauch, 2014)


It’s what fuels a designer’s passion to create new and exciting designs. People often associate creative thinking by “thinking outside the box”, however let’s actually think about what it is like to physically be inside a box… it stops you from exploring new areas due to being confined by a box itself which can be likened to design if you were to not allow your creative juices to flow. (Boyd, 2014)

So let’s think about creativity, yes there is freedom of choice and yes there are limitless possibilities, however with this comes the task of being able to problem solve and be flexible for the task at hand. Both internal and external factors will create invisible borders to the design at work.

Teamwork is what makes the wheel go round!

Teamwork is defined as the…

“Philosophy of job design in which employees are viewed as members of interdependent teams instead of as individual workers.” (“What is team building?,” 2016)

Team building and communication plays one of the most important roles within any industry. In a team it is important to understand that all members’ opinions should be respected and heard to help reiterate and ideate the appropriate response to the task at hand. As a general consensus, all conversation had relative meaning to the topic, which helped combine the meaning and idea behind design to become stronger and more direct. (Kanu Korporate, 2014) Within any group of people, you have both the introverts and the extroverts. It was clear that as the groups were expanding, the introverts of the group became dormant as the extroverts became more prevalent.(“What is team building?,” 2016)


I found that as the group became larger in numbers, the less confident I became to speak in the group due to being quite reserved. I have always found public speaking one of my key weaknesses however through initiating conversation as a weekly practice this will help build confidence.


“Create your sandwich”

With creativity comes outlandish tasks, thus the “Create your sandwich” was quite fitting. Today we were introduced to an activity where we “speed dated” amongst other colleagues, telling them what skills we were good at, bad at and what we were interested in. It is clear that throughout my studies I have always found it difficult in expressing my ideas and thoughts visually, whether that be on computer or on paper. This was replicated through the tattoo that representattoots me.

This tattoo represented the idea that although I am sparked by a certain stimulant, many thoughts are triggered, however they are only thoughts, without any action to the task.

To approach such a task that allowed me to create a sandwich that represented myself, it was clear that I had to brainstorm what I was interested in.

The key elements which sparked the idea of my sandwich came from freedom, indecisiveness and open mindedness. This is where the idea of a “Subway” sandwich came to mind. Although the toppings you can choose are always available, you can choose a different option every time. This is likened to me in a sense that I always have different paths I can choose however it is up to me which one I would select. Freedom of expression allows me to choose my own destiny which was allowed due to both my upbringing along with the culture I am surrounded by. This can be likened to the way I design in the way that I have the choice of creating whatever design I am interested in. When it comes to a “Subway” sandwich there are several layers requiring choice, including:

  • Bread = foundation of self
  • Meat = enhances persona
  • Salads = individuality
  • Sauces = enhances individuality, the “icing on the cake”


When I think of an occupation such as a lawyer, I perceive they would choose a subway with multigrain bread, deli meats, basic salad and mayonnaise. This comes to mind due to the reasoning that when I picture a lawyer they are straight up and down, black and white and what you see is what you get. As of late, I would describe myself as a subway with plain white bread, teriyaki chicken, all salad with extra jalapenos and chipotle sauce. Now why would I say that this best describes me in a sandwich? It is because the designs I have produced lately have had a mixture of Eastern influence along with an edge that makes it unique to me.

It is clear that when it comes to design, there is never the same solution to a problem just like there is never one path my life can lead. From day to day my tastes change, just like design changes constantly due to many factors. You always have to go with the flow and be open to change.


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