[Blog #3] inspiring designers at work

Quick break down

kg_coffeeMapIt is clear that the FYE speech delivered by Ruth Bridgstock had a lot of relevance with my colleagues. Coming into university is daunting due to the lack of information and direction given, which is a general consensus with many, if not all first year students. (Kift, 2015)

With particular reference to the Kelvin Grove campus, the layout is quite spread out and hard to navigate for a first year student. This opened up discussion, talking about key problems that many people had, even simply discussing census date and the amenities fee. Through simple conversation, this was easily rectified, which proves that from my previous blog, communication is key to be able to have a successful first year at university. (Duke University, 2015)

Following on from the discussion, a task was assigned to my colleagues and I to research a given designer which revolved around Interactive and Visual Design. In groups of 3-4 we worked together to create a presentation, discussing why our designer was the best equipped for redesigning “The Edge”, known as a place for the Creative Industries of Brisbane to visit and help get involved in this lifestyle.

Sharing Tasks

Within the group we decided that for the first 10 minutes we would research Paula Schers. We broke the research down into three parts, which were:

  • Team member 1 (me): background, career, education
  • Team member 2: major events
  • Team member 3: major designs

1-group-dynamicsOnce we completed the research we collaborated to create a script and a PowerPoint to present to the class. Like all groups, it is clear that roles are subconsciously asserted to one another. My role in this activity was more of a group leader, where I combined all the ideas we had into one script along with helping to match the presentation to the script. The two girls I worked with helped me gather the information onto one piece of paper in which I was elected to speak in front of everyone. Due to being a quiet speaker, I decided to type out the script and read it straight from my phone unlike my peers who were more confident speakers and read from dot points. With what felt like a big group of people I am quite proud of taking the initiative of speaking and although it wasn’t as confident and well thought out as other presentations, I still feel accomplished.

So who is Paula Scher?

paula-scher-portrait-designboomJust like it is important to understand the history of design, it is also imperative to appreciate how designers have sculptured the way in which we design. (Design is History, 2016) To be able to take inspiration from previous works of designers into your own personal flair can allow an original spin on your works. Through viewing a designer’s work, it allows you to see how it can be altered in a way that can be adaptable along with understanding where they went wrong and what they did well. (Design History Society, 2014)

Paula Scher throughout her career has shown to be easily adaptable to all demographics through the work that she has produced. Her main style revolves around the notion of street art, through the use of typography her work has been created in a way that removes trends and creates timeless pieces. (Design Boom, 2013) This is visually appealing to the youth of Brisbane, while acknowledging the cityscape Brisbane is centred around. Her designs are authentic, however by using a street art atmosphere, it allows all demographics to have a belonging to the environment as everyone has a youth and it is an everlasting piece. (Dunne, 2015)


It’s sandwich time again!

So with this in mind and referring back to my “blog 1 {what is design}” it is clear that she is very distinctive in all her designs, just like she would be very distinctive in her sandwich. The following ingredients would describe Scher as a sandwich:

  • Bread = foundation of self                          Italian Herbs and Cheese
  • Meat = enhances persona                           Meatball Marinara
  • Salads = individuality                                   Everything
  • Sauces = enhances individuality               Aioli

Now why would Paula Scher be a meatball sub with all salad and aioli on an Italian herb and cheese roll? Well simple, it’s distinctive! A pungent roll which would clearly leave the taste of herbs and spices, just like her designs, always leaving a feeling of youth which connects in the viewer. Her designs are bold and somewhat “meaty” in the way that the colours and thickness of lines are prevalent, thus this is represented through the meatball marinara. (Dunne, 2015) Through her design, she always shows a quirky flair which separates one design from another, thus all the salads were chosen due to her always having a different take on the project. This is correlated to the aioli sauce due to the fact it’s not an ordinary mayonnaise, it always has a kick to it, which is likened to her designs.


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